The WFD would like to congratulate Glen Caruba and Pearl Drum Corporation on setting the
World's Fastest Hand Drumming Record!!  Glen played an amazing 841 single strokes in 60 seconds as measured by
the Drumometer. The record was set on Friday, November 17th using a Pearl Tube Cajon in the Pearl booth at
PASIC  2000 in Dallas, TX Glen enters the Extreme Sport Drumming movement along with WFD champions
Johnny Rabb as the Fastest Sticks and Tim Waterson as Fastest Feet.

Up and Coming drumming super-star, Marco Minnemann, receives his Drumometer
in the Pro-Mark booth.

Pictured  left to right

Pat Brown of Pro Mark, Marco Minnemann, Drumometer's Boo McAfee and Craig Alan.

World's Fastest Drummer, Johnny Rabb, explains the Drumometer to Tony Royster, Jr

Tony Royster, Jr. checks out the Drumometer. Tony displayed excellent accuracy and
blistering paradidles.

Craig Alan, Tony Royster, Jr., and Boo McAfee

Craig Alan, Tony Royster, Jr., Tony Royster, Sr. and Boo McAfee