High Score of the Day!!!

The WFD congratulates ProMark  stick company on holding the winning score in the Orlando
Battle of the Hands!!!!
Ron Took Home The MAPEX Black Panther Snare Drum for being winner of the day!!!
The WFD would like to thank MAPEX for their

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Craig Alan and Boo McAfee present Ron Kaye with a Mapex Black Panther Snare Drum for having the Fastest Hands of the Day!!

Mars Music's MC kicks off the contest!

Johnny Rabb is given the Guinness Certificate for being the Fastest Drummer in the World!!!

Boo and Johnny show off the flyer for the Guinness World Records event.

Johnny Rabb demonstrates his skills to a packed house at Mars Music

Boo Shows off Johnny's Guinness certificate to the Mars Crowd

Miss WFD takes the stage

Smoke erupts as the WFD Battle of the Hands begins!!!

WFD crew in Orlando Florida

An enthusiastic crowd anxiously awaits to see who is the World's Fastest Drummer!!!!


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