The 2003 NAMM SHOW entered the quest to find the Fastest Drummer with a highly charged Interactive Event featured at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. The contest consisting of two categories, Fastest Hands and Fastest Feet, started Thursday, January 16th with the over 200 preliminary contestants competing in qualifying ‘heats’ through Saturday.  Then on Sunday, January 19th, the Top 10 Fastest Hands and Top 10 Fastest Feet competed in a ‘Finals Battle’ of both categories held on NAMM'S main stage.


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Included in this year’s event were technical demonstrations, insight sessions, and appearances by
WFD Champions Mike Mangini, Art Verdi, Johnny Rabb, Tim Waterson and Jotan Afanador. Jon ‘Bermuda’ Schwartz of The Weird Al Yankovic Band took the stage to say:

"Some drummers look for a deep meaning, some great
musical purpose to WFD, and then put it down when they
can't figure it out. What they conveniently overlook
is the tremendous amount of technique and practice
required to move sticks so quickly, precisely, and
seemingly effortlessly. Perhaps the naysayers just
don't understand how such control could possibly apply
to their own drumming (but more likely, they wish they
possessed a little of that technique themselves!) And
the idea that WFD might also be enjoyable for all
involved completely escapes them.
I've been to several competitions and, besides being impressed,
I am inspired. Not to enter the contest,
but inspired to be better - to work on my fingers and hands, and apply that to my playing.
It's been a long time since I've been motivated to improve myself.
Thanks to Johnny, Art, Jotan, Tim and all of the
contestants for reminding me that practice and diligence pays off."

The NAMM International Fastest Drummer Contest was sponsored by THE MUSIC EDGE.COM, NAMM’s new teen promotional initiative, and was open to everyone attending this year’s Winter NAMM Show. All contestants were scored on playing single strokes (no bounces, presses or buzz) for 60 seconds  as recorded by the Drumometer.

Winner of The Battle of the Feet contest went to Reno Kiillerich of Demark with a blistering foot score of 802 single strokes in 60 seconds. Kai Katchadourian of Hawaii won The Battle of the Hands with an astounding 907 single strokes in 60 seconds.

GRAND PRIZES for this International Event included: two MAPEX Drum-Sets, a year’s supply of ProMark Drum Sticks (with Winner’s name), two sets of MEINL Cymbals, AXIS LongBoard ‘A’ Double Pedal, 50 REMO Drum Heads, and two NAMM Fastest Drummer Stick Box Trophies from Tim Byrd .

For those who missed NAMM First Annual Fastest Drummer Contest, it will air on Fox Sports Net’s XSTV next Season. For more information on this event visit

Front row: Battle of the Feet winner Reno Kiillerich and The Battle of the Hands winner Kai Katchadourian
Back row: Johnny Rabb, Art Verdi, Jotan Afanador, Miss WFD Kristee Lively, Tim Waterson

Jotan Afanador and Battle of the Feet winner, Reno Kiillerich

Clayton Cameron gives it a try using brushes!

Clayton Cameron with the WFD Championship Belt

Fox Sports Net’s Sara Kate, Miss WFD Kristee Lively, Jotan Afanador, The Battle of the Hands winner Kai Katchadourian, and Battle of the Feet winner Reno Kiillerich


Fox Sports Net’s Sara Kate, Johnny Rabb, and Miss WFD Kristee Lively

Tim Waterson blisters the bass drum

It is also worth mentioning that Tim Waterson ran an
AMAZING 650 strokes on a SINGLE bass drum using the
Vruk Single pedal

Miss WFD Kristee Lively and Kimberly

Mike Mangini

The WFD plays to a full house!


Jon 'Bermuda’ Schwartz of The Weird Al Yankovic Band and
Bryan Hitt of REO Speedwagon address the crowd.

Johnny Rabb 'funks' things up a little!

The Winners and WFD staff goofing around!

Miss WFD Kristie Lively with the Championship Belt

Johnny Rabb and XSTV's Sarah Kate and Miss WFD Kristie Lively

Tyler Olson gets interviewed for TV!

Miss WFD Kristee Lively keeps up with the score as Mike Lane competes in the Battle of the Feet

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