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Fastest Drummer Contest
2003 NAMM Summer Session - Nashville, TN

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The 2003 NAMM Summer Session featured the NAMM International Fastest Drummer Contest sponsored by NAMM’s teen initiative, THE MUSIC EDGE.COM, and was open to everyone attending the Summer Session. Contestants were scored on playing single strokes for 60 seconds as measured by the Drumometer. The event also included appearances and technical demonstrations by WFD champions Mike Mangini, Johnny Rabb, Jotan Afanador, Tim Waterson, and Art Verdi.

The final heats In the Gaylord Entertainment Center. Taking the title of “Fastest Hands” was Eric Okamoto of Clayton, NC with an amazing 1,018 single strokes in 60 seconds, and the “Fastest Feet” honor went to Kermit “Thumper” Tarver of Goodlettsville, TN with 768 single strokes in 60 seconds.

Additionally, 3 new world records were set during the Summer Session. First, current Battle of the Hands world-record holder, Jotan Afanador topped his existing record of 1,152 Matched Grip single strokes in 60 seconds with a new record of 1,165 strokes. Mike Mangini topped Art Verdi’s existing record of 1,116 Traditional Grip single strokes in 60 seconds with a new record of 1,126. Finally, Seth Davis set a new Battle of the Hands Double Strokes record with a score of 1,021.

Over $10,000 in prizes were provided by MAPEX, MEINL, AXIS, REMO, PRO MARK, THUMPERS Bass Drum Pillows, DRUMOMETER, and laser engraver Tim Byrd. .

Grand-Prizes for this year’s contest included: 2 Mapex Drum-Sets, a year supply of Pro Mark drumsticks (with Winner’s name), 2 sets of Meinl cymbals, Axis LongBoard ‘A’ Double Pedal, and 50 Remo drum heads!

Retailers should note that NAMM International has launched a Fastest Drummer retail participation program called The Music Edge Fastest Drummer Program. This will allow each NAMM retailer the opportunity to fully participate in this extremely exciting international event, and the stores’ winners can advance to compete in the finals at NAMM!





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